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“Production Planning in Semiconductor Manufacturing using the D-SIMCON Static Capacity Engine and the D-SIMCON Load Mix Optimiser” – To be presented in two webinars in October & November 2021

Get a comprehensive overview of

  • How consideration of domain-specific production characteristics and constraints can increase the quality of a production plan in Semiconductor Manufacturing,
  • How a comprehensive capacity model can be generated automatically through the D-SIMCON Static Capacity Engine solution,
  • How easy scenario configuration and management enables a production and capacity planner to focus on value-adding analysis tasks,
  • How the output capacity of a complex Semiconductor Manufacturing facility can be maximised using the D-SIMCON Load Mix Optimiser solution,
  • How a combination of constraints and variables can be configured easily,
  • How the application scope of the D-SIMCON Load Mix Optimiser can be enhanced by taking into consideration not just production-related but also financial factors,
  • How optimal solutions can be determined very fast despite the typical complexity of a Semiconductor Manufacturing capacity model,
  • What kind of achievements have been made with the respective D-SIMCON solutions in Semiconductor Manufacturing companies.

The exact dates for both webinars will be announced in September 2021.