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Modification Campaign

Aircraft components within a fleet may undergo upgrading over time to increase its reliability or performance. The upgrading of parts is carried out over a period of time, and as a result of such a Modification Campaign the number of old units installed in the fleet decreases and the number of upgraded parts installed in the fleet increases. In case the reliability of the part is improved the demand of spares would reduce and lead to a reduction in the number of spares required after the Modification Campaign is completed.

The Modification Campaign function in D-SIMSPAIR provides the User with the required information to manage the upgrading process and make the relevant decisions. An optimal spare parts inventory is recommended for each stage of the upgrading process, inclusive of information when existing inventory of the older dash number should be upgraded, binned or can be sold. Interchangeability constraints, such as one-way, two-way, non-interchangeable and interchangeable as set, are automatically considered.

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