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D-SIMSPAIR suite contains products to provide the user ease with carrying specific tasks in the aviation spare parts management decision process. These processes include inventory optimisation, review of contract performance, provisioning in fleet management, field parameter analysis (reliability of parts, repair TAT, supplier performance), expendables and consumables ROP/EOQ setting, and inventory forecasting.


The Dashboard is a live-data fed, fully configurable User Interface that provides Users access to various business processes that have been implemented using different D-SIMSPAIR modules.

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Field Parameter Analysis (FPA)

The Field Parameter Analyser (FPA) is a statistical analysis tool that enables regular revision of critical planning parameters such as MTBUR and Repair Turnaround Time to make sure that inventory network planning and optimisation is carried out with values as realistic as possible.

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Component Demand Forecaster

Based on a simulation of aircraft operations according to realistic flight schedules, part removals according to their specific reliability characteristics as well as delivery and re-balancing logistics, the Component Demand Forecaster (CDF) provides the User a view of how the inventory network and the expected Service Level performance is expected to evolve over time.

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Inventory Optimiser

The Inventory Optimiser is a module to determine optimal default inventory quantities based on a Service Level Target or a Budget taking into account all constraints of the spares management process.

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Expendables Settings Analyser

The Expendables Settings Analyser enables determination of optimal values for Economic Order Quantities (EOQ) and Re-order Points (ROP) based on various operational parameters.

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