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D-SIMSPAIR has been designed for use either stand-alone or on top of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The various D-SIMSPAIR modules can be hosted either by D-SIMLAB or within the customer’s domain.
The D-SIMSPAIR modules can be integrated with an SAP system through an SAP/D-SIMSPAIR Integration Interface (SII). The SII is built on web service technology that enables seamless data exchanges, without the need of exporting data to input data files that would then have to be uploaded separately. The SII queries two types of data from the SAP system that are fed into D-SIMSPAIR: (i) field data such as demand events, repair return events and scrap events, (ii) operational data such as part information, current inventory allocation and status. The SII also enables D-SIMSPAIR to commit data back to the SAP system, reflecting an operational decision made by the User. The committed data requires an approval of the SAP data administrator through the SAP WorkBench GUI. The approved data is transformed to either a Stock Purchase Order for procurement of a part number or Stock Transfer Order for transferring of a particular unit from one location to another.

The SAP/D-SIMSPAIR Integration Interface is based on standard SAP interfaces (ABAP-Add-On) and is SAP Netweaver certified.