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Forecaster and Scenario Manager

The D-SIMCON Forecaster provides visibility into critical KPIs such wafer arrivals, wafer departures and WIP down to the work centre and product group level with a time horizon of up to two weeks. Visibility into these forecasted KPIs allows production departments to evaluate configuration changes such as tool dedication modification, dispatch rule adaptation, backup tools activation, sampling rate adjustment, daily lot release sequence adjustment, change of Preventive Maintenance plans at bottleneck resources, etc., i.e. measures that can be implemented fast enough to achieve the desired impact on the WIP flow within a time horizon as short as a few days. The D-SIMCON Forecaster comes with unique features such as

  • Automated generation (<5 mins) of a dynamic, warm-started, high-fidelity simulation model comprising intelligent fusion of data from productive and planning data sources,
  • Automated input data validation & correction,
    Advanced forecast quality monitoring features.

Relevant Use Cases: Wafer Start Planning, WIP Flow Forecast, Preventive Maintenance Timing, Pro-Active WIP Management, Wafer Output Forecast